Teknisk info

Forenklet liste over teknisk utstyr og scenespesifikasjoner på Risørhuset og kino:

Scenestørrelse: 9x8 meter
Rødt drapert forteppe
Svart drapert mellomteppe og bakteppe
Hvit horisont (bakre betongvegg).
2,5 m sidescener
2m scene bak bakteppe

Cadac CDC Four digital lydmikser
QSC lydanlegg
2 x aktive monitorer
3x trådløse bøylemikrofoner
2x  trådløse håndholdte mikrofoner
Noen få vanlige sangmikrofoner

Lys og projektor:
Chamsys MQ40 lysmikser
4x profiler foran scene
4x fresnel foran scene
4x fresnel over scene
10x LED-lyskastere med fargeskift over scene
Kraftig Epson projektor for film og konferanse. Kontakt teknisk driftsleder Martin Aanonsen:  martin.aanonsen@risor.kommune.no  for  mere informasjon.

Detaljert utstyrsliste:
Venue info Risørhuset

Active inner stage for performance: 9x8 meters
Stage window  5x9 meters
Behind back curtain: 2,5 meters
Stage sides: 2 meters
Stagefloor to trusses: 5,40 meters

1x 32 amp 230 v blue (332-9 CEE-form) side stage right.
9x 16 amp 230 v (Shuko) evenly distributed on stage right and upstage.
2x 80 amp 500 v (flat FK) side stage left

Main PA speakers:
4x Martin Audio XD12
2x Martin Audio, Wavefront, WS218X

Amplification: 2x QSC Pld. 4.5, 4x1250W, 4 ohm. Internal processor.
Front/center fill: None
Cadac stagerack: 32 inputs, 16 outputs. (Located on stage right)?Stage monitors: 2 x Yamaha DX R10 active speakers.

Mobile PA:
2x HK PR115 sub combined with Yamaha DC R10

Mixer: Cadac CDC Four, digital mixer. 16 channels available FOH. The rest from stagerack. No outboard FX/Dynamics.

Innstalled connection from FOH to stage:
2x 5-pinDMX
2x CAT6
2x XLR
2x co-axial cables

2x Shure SM58

Stands: 4 tall, with boom

1x 10m stagemulti 10 send 2 return.
Hearing impaired?Phonak wire loop for pickup coil (teleslynge) for hearing impaired. Operates in the frequency range of 169.400-176.00 MHz  and overlaps the frequencies dedicated to aid for hearing impaired.

1x AKG HT40
2x AKG HT470
1x Shure PGX
3x AKG Perception wireless 45

Available legal frequency bands for wireless equipment in our area:

Wifi is unstable in the venue.

Mixer: Chamsys MQ 40 Compact. 4 universes.
Dimmers (available but not permanently installed).: ?1x DDE 1550 DC Avab CAC  and
1x Betapck 2 Zero88 total of 12 channels

Conventional light:
6x PARCan par 64.

Fixtures: (in the permanent inhouse rig)    
8 x Chauvet Ovation F 165WW LED-fresnel with zoom
4 x Chauvet Ovation E 190WW LED-profile
10 x Chauvet Colordash Quad 18
2 x Chauvet Datastrean DMX-split?

Act/main curtain, red: 9x5m. 2-part symmetrical system on rails, drawn by remote controll.
Middle curtain: 11x6m, 2-part symmetrical system on rails, manually drawn.
Back curtain: 11x6m, 2-part symmetrical system on rails, manually drawn.
5x legs/side curtains

Prolyft hoistcontroller. 12 motorised trusses, 100-300 kg evenly distributed. Two located in front of stage end 10 over the stage. In adition we have with manuel winch.

Epson EB-Z9800W. Fixed and projects on cinema screen.
Use of open fire is not allowed at Risørhuset.

Tekniske spørsmål i forbindelse med leie:
Martin Aanonsen